the cheatometer test

We ask 10 simple Yes/No answer questions which will give you a percentage result and then options based on your results.

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The results produced by this test are only a guide and should only be used as such.


We are an established advice service to provide independent and impartial advice on the probability that their partner/spouse is involved in various types of behaviour connected with cheating, infidelity or adultery.

We are simply interested in determining the TRUTH for our visitors. We are unlike most websites that require you to register or enter confidential information before offering you the opportunity to discover the truth. All you need to do is answer the carefully constructed questions that have been composed from our team of consultants inconjunction with specialists infidelity profilers.

We suggest the cheatometer test is carried out in a calm private way without external interuptions!  The test should take approx 3 minutes(but feel free to take as long as is required since the more accurate your replies then greater accuracy will be achieved which is extremely important.

Once the test is completed most candidates will fall into one of 3 categories. At this point you will be given the opportunity to further advice on the varioius options for resolution.